Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know John would like to think he is, but this morning he had to go retrieve mini mule Jack from the neighbor's side of Burroland.  I guess he was waiting for the dogs to come out and run the fence with him.  

No dogs, but when he saw John arriving, John said he picked up the pace.  John went out wide and when Jack saw he wasn't going to go away, John said he brayed, well actually he doesn't really bray, it's more like a pig grunting with a little squeal here and there, and took off running for this side.  John had left the gate to Burroland open, just in case, and Jack beat him back by minutes....!!!  John on 2 legs didn't stand a chance.....!! 

While they were eating, John used the T-post driver (one of his "favorite" tools) and drove 3 T-posts into the wash.  That fence across the wash is usually not actually attached to the ground, so when the wash runs, it will float up, rather than get torn out.  But little Jack Horner knows that now.  Hopefully the monsoon season is over for awhile.  I let everyone out of their pens while John was playing with the driver.  Jack went right over to his escape spot, stuck his head under the wire and started pushing and shoving.  John just stood there and watched him.  He said Jack tried and tried and finally figured out it wasn't moving like it did.  John came in crowing about how he'd outsmarted Jack.  But the next time he went out he couldn't find Jack, came in to get me to watch the open gate while he went over to retrieve Jack..........again......!!!!  Heh! Heh! Heh!  Couldn't leave the gate open, because now all the others were out too, without someone standing guard.  

John decided to look down below the pens before we went over to Burroland and he found the little monster calmly eating mesquite leaves with the herd.  It scared John enough that he pounded some more T-posts all across the wash to the other side, so the whole thing is attached to the ground.  John said he knew it wouldn't take Jack long to just walk down the fence from where he had been getting out, till he got to the unattached fence to wiggle under. 

Guess days like this is why we're never bored...........!!!!! LOL


Rebecca2 said...

You guys are real troopers. Our nation, and our burros, need more people like you.

Bow Street Flowers said...

What's really important is what you two are doing.

Whatever our politics, nothing beats true altruism which always makes the world a better place.

Tish said...

I guess a perfect world would be boring, but working for that perfect world sure is hard on man and beast it seems.