Friday, September 06, 2013


 New Forest, England............  "Can we help you?  Do you have treats?"

At least the little brat hasn't gotten out since the last time....!!! LOL  What gets me is he isn't over there trying to figure out how to get out again or anything.  It's like, no big deal, but it sure was for the couple of days he was going thru the fence at warped speed. 

I guess we're getting desperate about the mesquite bean problem.  John asked the guy we got Reba from if he knew anyone that had some cows to loan out.  Just what we need someone's cows to worry about.  I doubt that anyone would be interested in moving cattle around just because we need them to eat beans.  Wednesday at evening feeding time we heard cows west of us on the road.  I took the golf cart out to see what was going on.  I found cows wandering around, ignoring the abundance of mesquite beans EVERYWHERE down both sides of the roads.  Why would they bother to go on our property to eats beans, when they would have to walk over beans to get there.......!!! 

Then John came up with a brilliant thought..........there are at least 4 range bulls out there wandering around and at times fighting.  What if we had cows in Burroland and the bulls decided they wanted to entertain the new girls?  I would imagine most cows this time of year are already pregnant, but if not, I'm sure our fences wouldn't even slow them down if they had a reason.  Then we could not only have to go find them, but try to figure out which cows were range cattle and which ones weren't.  I think we'll forget about borrowing cows, it could definitely get complicated in a hurry.  

Our only chance now will probably be when all the weeds and grasses are no longer available for them to eat, and they will hopefully be more interested in beans.  The ranch has a spring-like area that stays flooded most of the summer, whether we get rain or not.  Can't see it from our place, but would imagine it is a rather tasty lush grassy meadow. 

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