Sunday, September 29, 2013


Well, I must say round-up Friday night was "interesting". Most of the herd were over in Burroland and not the least bit interested in coming in to eat hay.  John went over, found some of them, got them headed to the gate, and they circled around him and disappeared.  

I went over and pretty much came up empty handed.  Went I came back, I almost got ran down by a thundering herd, headed for the gate.  John had found them and once he got Tula headed the right direction, the rest followed.  Wished I had the camera, they were running, bucking and having a great time. 

Somewhere in the melee Coquette lost Penny.  Talk about a crisis?  She absolutely panics if she doesn't know where Penny is.  John got her in their pen before she really fell apart, so then she just paced and yelled.  When Penny showed up you could almost see the relief in Coquettes eyes.  Coquette would be adoptable, she's healthy and has had training.  But her attachment to hunchbacked, fearful Penny probably means they will both stay here.  I can't see most people wanting to give Penny a home, although she is very sweet, she is not what most people want in a donkey.  Sad............!!!!  Unless Coquette gets over clinging to Penny, we won't ever separate them.  They weren't even in the same pen up at Milagros, I guess this attachment developed on the trailer ride. 

John had ran across Pepper, so we knew he was up.  But we couldn't find him, everyone else was finally in their Pepper.........!!  We had not planned ahead for such a problem getting them in their pens, so by this time it's getting pretty dark.  I went over to look for him, and finally came back to go ahead and mix up my feed pans, while John went over to look for him.  John said he walked the complete 20 acres, never saw hide nor hair of him.  Was almost to the gate to come back over here, said he heard a noise behind him, and there was Pepper, looking at him like, "you looking for me?"  

We've seen him laying down twice lately on his left side, which is great.  He can get up pretty easy from his left side, not at all from the right.  I don't know if he puts any thought into the repercussions when he lays down.  My personal thought is his right leg and hip are weak from the hip being cracked and the left leg, while not all that strong anymore, is stronger than the right.  So when he tries to lay down by collapsing his hind quarters, the stronger leg, stays up longer than the almost useless weak one, and the right one gives out first and down he goes.  Maybe the right one is getting a little stronger, so he actually has a little bit of control of which side goes down first.  I'm sure after 3 years of us having to roll him over, he knows what he needs to do, but it doesn't always work out like he'd like it to. 

Yesterday was race day, so they didn't get to go over to Burroland, but we'll let them out this afternoon for a couple of hours.  Hope it doesn't take longer to get them back, than they are over there.......!!! LOL

Finished the test for my "safe driving" award.  What a waste of time and effort, remember I said I was learning more than I ever wanted to know about Speed Racer?  After spending 4 hours studying driving safety with Speed Racer questions thrown in for comic relief, the final test of 25 multiple choice questions was all Speed Racer questions, like "What is Speed Racers favorite animal at the zoo?" or 
"What is Speed Racers favorite snack?"....!!  Afterwards they asked for a critique of the class, so I did my best.....!!!!   Don't think they will be using it as a testimonial.......!!! LOL

Racing has gone better.  The heat race was OK, but in the main event, I got a flat about the 2nd or 3rd lap.  They will let you stay on the track with a flat, unless it is the right front.  Mine was the left front, so I stayed out and managed to stay in the pack, until coming in contact with another car, flattened the right front, so I had to pull off.  You might know, there were a lot of hornets for a change and only a couple of them had fell out, even though it was late in the race.  So I got scored at 15th....!!!  That's my lowest finish this year.  Too bad it wasn't one of those nights when only 10 or 11 cars show up....!!! LOL.  We have 5 more races, two of them the same night as a make up race for a night this summer when we got rained out.  I trying to hang on to my 5th place for end of the year points, it's going to take more than 15th place finishes to keep it.  Hopefully this was just a bad night and not the start of something else.....!!!

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