Thursday, September 26, 2013


Good news for Mike and Zeke, it's only 97 miles from Ash Fork to Kingman, so their trip will not take as long, hopefully by the middle of next week, they will have finished their walk.

SELIGMAN, ARIZONA, taking a break....!!!

Along with that good news on their 2nd day, some men came by and asked them to join the annual Andy Devine Parade in Kingman this Saturday.  Of course they won't have walked to Kingman by then, but where there's a will there is a way.
They will walk until Friday afternoon.  Mike will trailer Zeke to Kingman, where they will be honored guests at the parade and Mike will stay in Kingman for the week-end visiting with people, letting them meet Zeke and hopefully getting lots of donations for the Wounded Warriors.  

Andy Devine was raised in Kingman before he left for Hollywood and it's really nice that they still remember him.  He was always one of my favorites, sort of like a uncle that talked a little funny and was always fun to be around.  I would imagine he was just about like he came across on the screen.

So after a busy week-end, Mike will trailer Zeke back to where they left off the walk and continue until they make their goal of Ash Fork to Kingman.  I know Teresa will be glad to have them home, and also Gypsy Rose, Zeke's favorite girl.  

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