Wednesday, September 18, 2013


John just came in and asked if I could watch the gate to Burroland, while he went to run Jack back.  Heh, heh, heh, I'm sure glad I'm not involved in this little mind game.  Actually he was almost within sight of the gate and let John put a halter and lead on him.  

I had a problem while I was waiting for them to get back..............BlackJack....!!!!  He wanted to "help" me with the gate.  The problem with BJ is he knows we aren't going to kill him or beat him with a stick, he figured that out years ago.  I do have a buggy whip that he will react to, but anything else is not much of a problem as far as he is concerned.  He was determined to get into Burroland, no matter what I said or did.  Once I found out John had a halter on Jack, I locked the gate till they got there, much to BJ's disgust.  

John is out there even as I type...........pounding more T-posts, he watched Jack start at the end where he was getting out, trying the whole fence line across the wash.  When he got to the end where it goes up the bank, he managed to squirm and wiggle thru the area where it starts up.  It's not actually wide enough for him to get thru, but he managed. 

I'm thinking of starting a betting pool, for when the next escape is.  Can't wait for Boaz to come home, he's another fence challenger.  Well, one thing John will find out exactly where his fences need repair...!!! Ha! 

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