Friday, September 27, 2013


I have managed to get to my advanced age without ever getting a traffic ticket........well except for one in Germany for sending a motorcycle rider into the air and under another Mercedes, for being in my lane when I was turning right with my turn light signal on.  It's a long story, but in Germany there is always responsibility of both parties involved, because if you hadn't been on the road, there wouldn't have been an accident.....!!! I was only 10% responsible and he was a lot smarter.

Anyway back to the problem at hand, Tucson has cameras at a lot of their intersections, so if you run the light, they have you.  Over a month ago I was turning left and saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. Dang it had been so long I figured it must have been for the guy behind me..........nope........they sent me a nice little letter with lots of drawings, even a picture of me driving the car.  Jeesh! they don't even give you any wiggle room.  What's really funny is there is 5 other cars scrambling around in the picture of the intersection, that one is a money maker I guess.....!!! LOL

So there are options you can pay...........are you ready...........$355 and they will accept it graciously without even a thank you very much.  Or you can fight it, big chance with my face right there.  The other option is to take a defensive driving school course, which will save you money, $218 instead of the $355, and you can take it on line.  It's only 4 hours and "LOTS OF FUN"......according to the propaganda on the web-site.  

Let me say I have learned more about Speed Racer in the last 2 hours than I ever wanted to know.  I guess they put in these little tidbits to make sure you are reading everything.  You also are timed, so you can't read the page and go on until they tell you "time's up"......!!  

At least you can log out and go back at a later time.  I'm debating whether to ruin my evening or wait until tomorrow.......!!!

I can't really complain, I've got away with a lot of driving no-nos over the years and have always said if I got stopped for speeding, I'd take my ticket with a "thank you officer", and consider myself lucky.  Whoever thought I'd get caught running a "pink" light?  

On to something more interesting.  I don't know how long this toy will last, but Pepsi is really enjoying for now.  

As of today we gave up on the cows coming into Burroland and cleaning up the mesquite beans, it just isn't going to happen this year.  There isn't enough range cattle to make much of a difference, guess they sold them all.  And there are still mesquite beans everywhere along the roads, so why would they bother to come in the gate?  

So we closed the gates, and opened the gate to Burroland from over here a couple of hours before feeding time.  Most of them figured it out and away they went.  Our plan is to let them over there a few times a week for 2 or 3 hours a day, so they can clean up beans, but hopefully not gorge on them.  We'll see how it goes, I know how it will be when they go over there one day and the next day the gate is's not going to be pretty......!!!! LOL


Cindy D. said...

Are the mesquite beans bad for equines? My horses love them.

Tish said...

Of course they do, it's like candy, high in sugar and starch. Too many can give them a belly ache aka colic and can be fatal. The donkeys "pork" up real quick on them, along with the colic problem. As many beans as we have, we'll be monitoring them until next year.

Cindy D. said...

Ok, so just a couple on a rare occasion is ok then. Thanks!

Tish said...

A few a day would certainly be appreciated, I'm sure...!!! LOL