Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tomorrow morning Judy the mule is coming to stay for awhile. She has had a problem with chronic founder & tender feet. We're hoping that by soaking the sugar & starch out of her hay & using supplements to balance hay, that we can get her more comfortable. She's a riding mule & her owner has been trying different things to help her, but she is still having problems. She will just be here on loan, if we can get her sound she'll go back to her family in the future.

We had a family stop by to visit today. We ask that people call first, but they found out about us at the local Chamber of Commerce & that little piece of information got lost in the process. That's OK, the main reason we ask they call ahead is to make sure we're here, so they don't have a long drive for nothing. Also if people are coming we leave the fur kids in their pens, so they can be seen without being obnoxious. By the time the people got here, most of them were already out of their pens, so we had to roam around to find them. Chili & Rusty both got put back in pens, because they were behaving badly. They both had a "ME, ME, ME" attitude, which isn't attractive. If Gus had been here, he would have gone in a pen too. Haven't heard how he's doing, but I'm sure he's enjoying all that free feed hay...........!!!!

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