Friday, December 12, 2008

We're going to take Gus in to see the vet today. He's not really sick nor does he have something definitively I can put my finger on. But he seems to spend a lot of time laying down in the wash. He's never been Mr. Energetic, but it won't hurt to have him looked at & maybe do some blood tests to make sure he's OK.

Everyone else seem to be doing good right now, even old Pepper. He actually seems to be putting on a little weight. That means instead of his ribs sticking out like a hat rack, they are only showing thru his winter coat. We won't even talk about his hipbones........!!!!! Although it's getting in the low 30's at night, I'm still not putting a blanket on him. He's moving good, & if he has a blanket on he has to stay in the pens.

Courtney will be here Sunday to trim the ones that need it. Four have to be trimmed on a regular basis, but the rest self-trim, which is great........!!!!

Lucy is still hanging around her pen every morning, waiting for the people to come & visit. Even Buster has given up on waiting for her & goes out to start his day. I'm surprised, usually he won't leave her side.

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