Thursday, December 18, 2008


Taken off a MySpace page........... what a cute little Santa helper.......!!!

John left on a short road trip this morning. One of our neighbors was coming back from a trip to Georgia & his car broke down in the Albuquerque area, so he had to rent a car to get home. The logistics of getting the rental car back & getting his car home, was a little much unless he had access to a trailer & a vehicle to tow the trailer. John offered to go get it for him. So this morning in the dark, Michael drove the rental car up on the trailer, they tied it down & hit the road. It's only about 450 miles up there, so they should be back tomorrow sometime. Unless the weather gets bad. Right now a winter squall is roaming around Arizona & New Mexico, hopefully they'll miss it. I know this morning I will get to do chores, by myself, in wind & spitting rain. UGH!

Gus actually helped them load the car on the trailer. Well actually he was trying to get into the "treat" pocket in John's coat. But I'm sure he thought it was help. Rusty the mule, & BlackJack also were out in the driveway to see them off.

We got a new toy or piece of necessary equipment, depending on your point of view yesterday. Originally when we got the sub-compact tractor we thought we could use it in the pens. It's too long with the backhoe & the turning radius isn't short enough to work very well. So I checked out specs on skid loaders & decided a Bobcat 463 would probably work pretty good. Found a good deal on Craigslist & picked it up yesterday. In fact it didn't get unloaded until after dark, & John left before daylight this morning, so it's sitting in the garage awaiting it's christening in the pens when he gets back. I'm not real good with equipment, I can take out a fence or hit a tree without any supervision, so I will wait until he's here to drive it away from whatever I run over.

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