Saturday, December 20, 2008


John came rolling in about 1pm yesterday, from his adventure. He said it was windy & cold up around Alburqerque (I don't think that's spelled right). I've got news for him, it was cold & windy here too, 22 degrees yesterday morning. What is great in the desert is, it can be bone chilling cold, but as soon as the sun gets a little height in the morning, it starts warming up quickly. The donkeys definately know the warm spots, & once they are standing there, even the idea of breakfast doesn't get them to move.

The trip went well, except for a bolt breaking for the alternator. Things like that happen when you're driving a van with over 460,000 miles on it. They were close to Hatch, NM & just had to wait until the auto parts store opened, get the bolt & replace it. They waited in the local cafe, with all the locals. Had to get their own coffee, once one of the guys told them the routine. I love cafes like that, it's like hanging out in someone's oversized dining room & the food is usually great.

Everything went smooth around here while he was gone. Of course last night when we fed, Gus & Rocky choked. Rocky cleared himself, but we had to work with Gus for awhile. Gus has choked before, I've about decided he can't eat pellets of any kind. We spread out the pellets so he can't grab a whole mouthful, but he still chokes. He's suppose to be getting antibiotics, BUT, it's a challenge to get him to eat his beet pulp & soaked timothy pellets with the antibiotics in them. I've tried different things to get him to eat, but he seems to figure it out, no matter what I try.

We had visitors today. They had been out here a couple of years ago. Last month they lost their donkey, & really are devastated. Sherry said she didn't know if she would be able to come out today, but once she saw the donkeys & they started their, "feed me, I'm starving" routine & all the antics they can think of, she enjoyed being around them. She plans on getting a couple of donkeys in the future, but not right now.

Santa brought my new camera, & I have to make the effort to get some pictures. It's disappointing to see a wonderful picture opportunity, run in the house, get the camera, go back out, & everyone has disappeared. I don't dare carry it around with me on a regular basis, they would think it was something to eat.

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