Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Courtney made it out to trim Sunday. She was later than we expected & got here just about feeding time. We managed to get everyone corralled & fed the ones that weren't getting pedicures. Unfortunately Lucy was one of the ones that had to wait for her supper. Good grief you would have thought she had never ate in her life & was being forced to stand & watch everyone else eat. Actually Courtney was keeping her busy with the trim, but to say Lucy was uncooperative is an understatement. Usually she's good about her feet. But you could tell from her body language & her level of cooperation (not much) that she felt she was being mistreated. When she was done & I started to lead her to her pen she TROTTED, almost dragging me. Believe me, moving fast isn't something Lucy normally does. (G) Although we've never x-rayed her feet she is what they use to call a sinker. The bottom of her feet are flat as a pancake & always will be.

We were quite pleased with Chester. Not only did he stand still to have his bad leg trimmed, he actually stood about 5 seconds on his bad side while Courtney picked up his good leg. It's a start, certainly a lot different than the first time she tried to trim him, & he whizzed a hind leg past her head more than once. She thinks he might enjoy a massage, so the next time she comes out she's going to bring a friend that is really good with equine massages. I'll probably have her look at Max while she's here. Maybe she can help make his broken neck with 5 years of arthritis more comfortable.

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