Friday, December 12, 2008


Gus actually loaded pretty easily this morning. I was surprised, as in the past he's not always been a cooperative "trailer loader". A few ginger snaps & me putting one front foot up in the trailer as John put pressure on the halter & he decided it might not be so bad.

Once he was in the trailer he started shaking & sweating until the sweat dripped off him, poor guy. The only other one we have that sweats like that in a trailer is Buster Brown. Needless to say his heart rate was elevated by the time he got to the vet, but she still managed to hear a heart murmur. The blood test was almost perfect, so she doesn't know if he's always had the murmur, or if he might have some sort of infection. Judging from the blood test, infection doesn't seem to be a probable diagnosis, but just in case we will give him Tucoprim for a couple of weeks. Tucoprim is good for bacterial infections.

On the way out, we picked up the mail. There was a check from Country Supply as their donation to our rescue. I want to thank everyone that took the time to enter our code when making a purchase from Country Supply. I told John it was like an early Christmas present...............!!!!! (G)

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