Monday, December 08, 2008

This morning after everyone finished their hay we started opening gates & letting them out. John & I were still picking up poo. Usually when the gates are opened, the ones that feel they have been cheated in the hay department start running around checking all the pens to see if someone left hay. In fact they all know who is inclined to leave hay, & they head for those pens first.

I happened to look up & everyone had dispersed, but Lucy was still in her pen. This was unusual, so I watched her for awhile. She started out by the open gate, then she roamed over to the other side of the pen. Then she stood in the middle & brayed & back to the gate area. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out what was going on. She was waiting for the people to come & feed her pellets like they did during the Open House. It took about 1/2 an hour for her to finally decide the party was over & she might as well go out with the rest of them. Lucy is usually rather uninvolved in her surroundings. As a former roping donkey & probable baby factory, she is usually emotionally detached from what is going on around her. I was happy to see her participating in working to get the people to feed her, which she has never done before. And this morning I could tell she was upset because there wasn't anyone walking around the outside of the pen with cups of pellets. I wonder if she'll try again tomorrow?

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