Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL............!!!!

Today was a miserable cold day, with rain & wind. I don't like it & the donkeys don't either. They look at us like it's our fault & we should fix it. In case they haven't noticed, I'm not outside anymore than I have to be.......!!! (G)

A couple that was here for the Open House a couple of weeks ago, came by today to visit with Gus again. They were quite taken with him, & in fact Gus laid his head on the man's shoulder. They have a gelding & since Gus prefers horses to donkeys, we are thinking of letting them take Gus on a trial to see if it works out. We'll do a home study Friday & go from there.

Chester has been limping the last couple of days. I don't know if he hurt his leg, the cold is bothering him, or if the infection is coming back. The woman that does massage is going to be here Sunday. We'll see what she thinks.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, with lots of good food, & a generous Santa........!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tish & John, and All Donkey Lovers,
What a wonderful time of year to thank and appreciate all those who save, care for, and give their lives & hearts for Longears!

And we all know that 2000 years ago a very special birth occurred which was facilitated, and watched over by...one very special donkey!

Merry Christmas to All,
And God Bless You John and Tish :)

Tish said...

Thank you, we enjoy what we do, just wish there wasn't a need for rescue & sanctuary.