Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yesterday we had to go to Sierra Vista to pick up my quad that went to see the quad doctor last week. Since we had the trailer hooked to the van, we figured might as well take trash in to the dump. John loaded the trailer, & came in the house to clean up. When I went out Gus........... dear, dear Gus had found the treasure & was in the process of spreading it around the countryside. When he saw me coming, (Yes, they do know right from wrong) he grabbed a sunflower seed package, (one of my favorite things to do when watching TV or reading, crack & eat sunflower seeds) & took off running. By the time I retrieved the package, John came out & saw the mess. What he threatened to do to Gus wouldn't be nice. Of course Gus didn't seem to upset about it though. He was standing away from the mess, probably waiting for us to leave so he could continue shopping for goodies........!!!!

So this morning when I was in the feed room, Chili decided he could stick his head thru the window & see if I had a treat to share. Unfortunately the screen was in the way...............but not for long.........!!!!! John said he will get more screening the next time we go to town..........!!!! (G) I know it isn't funny, but I do love to see how their minds work.

It's been getting chilly the last few nights, in the high 40's last night. I better get Pepper's blanket out, he doesn't have enough padding to keep himself warm if it's going to be cold at night.

Max & Chester, my 2 cripples are doing pretty good, although Max isn't very impressed with the supplement the vet recommended. At least what I was using was palatable. And I haven't noticed much change if any, in his motivation. The SMZ I'm giving Chester really is bitter. I tried pancake syrup as a mix, & got a resounding NOPE from both of them. So I tried molasses & that seems to work pretty good, although it has to be well mixed, no pockets of icky stuff. There also has to be enough timothy pellets, beet pulp & hay cubes mixed with it, or they won't eat it. I don't like giving them molasses, I am a real anti sugar type of gal. But neither of them have a problem with insulin resistance, so hopefully we won't develop a problem.

Everyone else seem to be doing good, most of them are putting on their winter fuzzy coats.

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