Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is Jenny & Cisco behind the tree staring at at the gate to Burroland wishing for it to open. If I had a wider lens I could have captured about a dozen others cooling their heels waiting & wishing for the same thing.

This morning we had to go over & run them back over here. There is so much browse over there, they see no reason to come over here & eat boring hay. And they certainly don't see a reason to stay over here during the day, just because we're too lazy to want to look for "lost" fly masks on an additional 20 acres.

Jack is perky & grumpy this morning, eager for his breakfast, & left us lots of poo piles to pick up, so I guess he's back to being Jack. Last night we had to give him some banamine which is an injection. Jack & I have had some real battles over me having the audacity to attempt to stick a needle in his body. Some injections have to be checked to make sure you aren't in a vein, but luckily banamine can be given IV or IM. We got him in our little homemade squeeze, & I tried putting the needle in first & then putting the syringe on it, which is what I usually do. To say it wasn't going well is an understatement. The first needle got bent to a 90 degree angle & I hadn't even put the syringe on it. John said why not just stab & inject all in one attempt. Couldn't go any worse I thought. We were doing this in the dark too, which added another dimension to the process. We've gotten good at holding flashlights in our mouths, without thinking about where they might have been. I stabbed, he jumped & squirmed, I moved with him & we got it done.

This morning he needed another shot. BUT I had an idea. We brought him home with the IV still in his neck, in case we needed to take him back to the clinic for more treatment. If he was OK this morning we were to take it out. But before I took it out, I put his banamine in it. Much easier........!!! (G)

For those of you that were children of the 1940's-1950's enjoy. For those of you that weren't you missed a great time.

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