Monday, October 06, 2008


This isn't donkeys, but absolutely facinating.........!!!!!

Delightful story with fine photographs of what happens when you build a hotel on an elephant migration trail.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's amazing!

They kept saying that they didn't think the eleplants would come back and use their migration path, but it's ironic that they built the lodge with those very high ceilings, extra strong rock pillars, and a straight path to the other side.
And look at what a grand entrance the elephants make.

Makes me wonder if the lodge might have hoped the elephants would come back.
Sure does help their occupancy rates, eh?


Tish said...

Of course they wanted the elephants to hang around & I'm sure that's why they disrupted their path. They also build 5 star hotels on the banks of watering holes, so the tourists can see them in their "natural habitat".

Knowing human nature, I'm surprised they haven't lost a tourist or two, unless they restrict the people when the elephants come thru. People would be standing their kids in front of an elephant to take a picture, if they would let them....... (G)