Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mountain Lion

Just heard from one of our neighbors that a mountain lion has been seen about 2 miles north of us. Over the years we've heard of lion in the area occasionally. The neighbor said trackers with dogs chased it east into the Little Dragoon mountains. We don't have deer or javelina in this area, so hopefully it was just passing thru. It would be very possible for a lion to take down a donkey, especially the minis, so we certainly don't want them hanging around.

One year some neighbors farther north, had their large dog taken off their front porch. That one was not seen again as far as I know.

Since Chili is no longer going in a pen to be fed, he is staying busy trying to let everyone else out of their pens. If we forget to put the clips on or hang the chains inside themselves, he seems to have a 6th sense on finding them. He's let Chester out twice, both John & I checked Chester's gate this morning & it was "fixed" to not come open. Obviously Chili has figured out how to to bounce the chains, with a possibility of them coming open.

This afternoon John left the garage door open when he came to the house. When he went back, Chili (why am I not surprised) & his "gang" of minis had just dragged a full garbage bag outside & were in the process of "shopping" for goodies. John said at least Chili knew enough to take off when he saw they'd been caught. But Justin had his head buried in the sack & didn't realize the "jig was up" until John yelled at him.

Right now Gus & Rusty the mule are in the driveway trying to take each others flymasks off. At least they will be easy to find............!!!!

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