Monday, October 27, 2008

For now I guess Tula has decided there is nothing to gain by staying out of her pen until the last minute. The last couple of days, she & Chester have been in their pens when it's time. I'm sure the subject will come up again, but for now I'm happy & she is willing to wait.

As of this morning I'm trying to wean Chester off his antibiotics again. I've tried 2 or 3 times & his limping has always gotten worse. If I have to give him antibiotics the rest of his life that's OK, but I don't want to give them if he doesn't need them.

I'm not sure but I think we caught Momma mouse last night. This morning there was a larger, very pregnant mouse in the trap. I'm glad we caught her before she "dropped her load" in the feed room. John put her in the chicken pen, there's feed & water & plenty of places to build a nest, as long as she stays out of sight of the chickens. They can really treat mice harshly, if they catch them. I hope there aren't anymore mice, but unless she had an immaculate conception I would imagine there is at least one more in the feed room. The feed room is concrete block, & John fixed the door where we thought they could get in. So we are hoping IF & that's a big if we can catch all the ones in there now, the problem will be solved. I think we caught 7 little ones total.

The last few nights I noticed a wolf spider in our bathroom by the night light trying to catch something to eat. Right now as cool as it is at night there isn't much moving around. Yesterday John caught a small cricket. I put the spider & the cricket together in a jar last night & the cricket disappeared. Unfortunately there aren't that many crickets around.

My friend Sybil that runs the Oasis Sanctuary Exotic Bird Sanctuary, also has lots of other types of animals including reptiles. I e-mailed her & she brought a couple of crickets this morning when she brought the weekly carrot supply for the donkeys. I found a wolf spider when I was doing laundry, not sure if it is my spider or not. I put it in the cricket cage, & immediately had one less cricket......!!!! By spring I may have a lot of wolf spiders "on the dole" at this rate. John is going to Tucson tomorrow, one of his stops will be a pet store for more crickets.......!!!! OBTW, I named the spider Sybil. Syb has a turkey she named Tish after me, so it seemed only fitting that I return the privilege.

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