Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yesterday Chili "discovered" that Tula doesn't eat as fast as he does & tried to run her off her pellets & beet pulp. She gave him "what for", but he is really hard to discourage. I went in & helped, but knew that this would be an ongoing future problem if we continued to feed them together. So it was time to do some switching around, but how? Everyone eats in pens except for Gus & Rocky, who have a bunk under the big cat claw. Adding Chili to anyone's "happy little pen" would definately cause problems. After much thought we decided that Chili could come out & eat at the bunk with Gus although Gus insists they eat on opposite sides. Rocky likes to hang around with Lucy & Buster during the day, so we thought that might work. Tried it last night ...........& except for Chili trying to bulldoze his way into Tula's pen it went pretty good. Well, not from Buster's point of view, he doesn't appreciate Rocky trying to eat from his bunk. So we put another feeder in for Rocky & this morning everything went well...............except for Chili's determination to get into Tula's pen. Of course last night when John went out to let everyone out of the pens at bed time, he came back in & said we had forgotten that when Chili is out, we have to lock the gates. He had let Buster, Lucy & Rocky out of their pen & also Jenny out of hers. He is a highly intelligent young man with too much time on his "hooves" & see everything as a challenge. Right now John is out looking for his fly mask from yesterday. Granted he probably had help losing it, but I'm sure he enjoyed the battle that got rid of it.................!!!! (G)

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