Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday was a cloudy, blustery, rainy, day with some hail thrown in for good measure. Not what we expect this time of year. The wash even ran again.

We were going to Tucson last night, so everyone had to stay in their pens yesterday. Actually it worked out well, usually when it rains they are out running around & have never learned to head for the shelters. During one of the rain squalls I decided to go out & let Pepsi in with the other 3 minis. He eats by himself, so we can control the amount of hay he eats. But his shelter is just a roof. We tried putting sides on it & someone started eating the boards. It wasn't Pepsi but someone else that went in when the gate was open, who shall remain nameless, we never caught them. Although we did catch Buddy Brat, gnawing on the 2 x 4's in the roof.

Of course it was raining & blowing when I ran out, slopping thru the water sheeting across the property. Got to his pen, opened it up, & he ran into the shelter with the other minis. I knew he was a smart little fellow....!!! Just at that moment the hail started. There wasn't room in the shelter for me, so I RAN for the porch of the feed room. At least on the porch I didn't have to "stand" in water while waiting for it to be over. It just lasted a few minutes, but it was a wild few minutes. When I finally managed to get back to the house, John said he looked out to try to figure out where I was, & it was raining so hard he couldn't even see the feed room, let alone bedraggled me standing under the porch roof.

Tula of course didn't go in her shelter, most of the others did. When the hail started Rocky had been in a shelter with Lucy, but he actually left the shelter to stand with his butt to the hail. I guess the noisy hail on the shelter roof, bothered him more than hail stones, pounding on him. Lucy stayed in the shelter, like I said a few days ago, she's not dense, she's a survivor.

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