Monday, October 20, 2008


Yesterday Gus & Chili got into a "it's my hay" battle. Actually it wasn't much of a battle, since both of them would rather do something else than fight. But in the melee' Gus ended up 3 legged lame. It seems to be a fetlock, no swelling or cuts, so although he doesn't want it messed with or won't put much weight on it, I'm assuming it isn't really bad. But to keep everyone safe & sound, John set up a small pen for Chili to eat in for awhile. So far he thinks it's fun, hopefully we won't leave him in long enough to get bored. When he gets bored his fertile little brain goes into overdrive, & it's amazing what he can think up.

Courtney is coming out Wednesday to do some trimming, so I'll pick her brain about Gus, while she is here. I think she will be very pleased with how good Jenny's feet look. Although I don't know what the inside of her feet look like, they look almost normal outside & she walks really good.

For most of the summer Pepper has shown very little interest in eating. He would leave most of his hay & sometimes wouldn't even touch his soaked beet pulp & timothy pellets. About a week ago, he decided not only is the hay pretty good, but he is eating the soaked stuff like it's REALLY good. Every feeding I'm adding more stuff to his bucket & he's licking the bucket clean. He's even losing the frail look that had me worried about how he would do this winter. He's not fat, but at least he seems to be headed in the right direction. I have no idea why the change, but I hope it continues.

This morning John brought sacks of feed to the feed room & left the empty sacks in the golf cart to go back up to the garage. When I let the minis out, they came out like little vacuum cleaners, as usual. I came around by the feed room, & there was Lynn with the pull string & accompanying paper, hanging out of her mouth & rapidly disappearing. I grabbed her & she tried to run off. Thank heavens she's a mini & decided to give up fairly quickly. Well give up is not exactly what she did.........but I managed to pull it out of her mouth, & not get stepped on or knocked down.

I'll be glad when fly season is finally over. Our supply of fly masks is dwindling. They get used as toys which cuts down on their longivity, not to mention the ones that get lost, some of them permanently. We don't know how that happens, but there are two missing that we haven't been able to find.


Esther said...

One of our barb horses where in Niger sound just like your guys! Fighting over food and getting into heaps of trouble when she's bored... We even have the same trouble with our fly masks being used for anything but...!

Greetings from West Africa,

Tish said...

Just goes to show that it is a SMALL world after all. I would imagine your barb is like these guys, there's ribs in there somewhere, but you can't feel them....!!! (G)

Nice to hear from you, the closest I've been to your country is Egypt & Kenya a couple of times.