Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Only had half the gang to feed, water & clean up after. John checked Burroland yesterday & the range cattle had done a good job of cleaning up all the mesquite beans. So last night after they ate, & got their fly masks taken off, we opened the gate to Burroland.

This morning John had to be in Tucson early, so I fed by myself. The horsey group was here, that is Max, Jack, Rusty, & Gus. Sha'ba stays in at night, Pepper was standing in his pen in the sun, Cheyenne, Justin & Lynn the minis were roaming around. Buddy Brat was even here, which was a surprise, he's usually where the action is. I fed the chickens, mix equine feed & kept an eye on Burroland. At one time I saw the rest of them, running to the gate. I thought, "Isn't that sweet, they are in a rush to come to breakfast", as they flew past the gate like it wasn't even there, headed east up into the big trees. BRATS!

So I fed the ones I had, & noticed that Pepsi, the other mini had thought better of rebellion & was standing outside the gate to his pen, when I brought the buckets. Not a sign of any of the other 9. Fed hay to the ones I had, & still no sign of the "wild bunch". So I closed the gate between Burroland & the 10 acres where the feed & water is.

It is now afternoon, I have checked on the gate often, & so far nothing. I'd think they would be getting thirsty by now, but obviously not enough to give up their freedom. Among the missing are, BlackJack, Cisco, Jenny, Buster, Lucy, Rocky, Chili, Chester, & of course Tula. I didn't see who was leading the herd when they were running, but I have a good idea. Ha!

It's probably a good thing, John wasn't here, or I probably couldn't have gotten away with being "Mean Momma". If I had insisted on closing the gate, he probably would have been going over there with buckets of water, so they wouldn't suffer. Poor babies!

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