Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NOW THEY'VE GONE & "DUN" IT..........!!!

Who am I talking about..............Chili & Gus of course..........!!!! This morning Sybil came by to drop off a bag of carrots. She picks up produce every week for her exotic bird sanctuary & picks up carrots for my gang too. She came in for a cup of tea & we were catching up on gossip. John went out, came back in & yelled that he needed help. Sybil has a pick-up with an open bed, where she carries all the produce for over 600 birds. Gus & Chili were the only 2 out, everyone else were in pens eating breakfast. As it is they got into the carrots, ate 2, apples ate 6 & dribbled apple mush down the side of her pick-up. Bananas, don't like bananas, although they did squish 2 bunches of them, for fun I guess. Bags of frozen peas, were fun to open & spill on the ground. Tomatoes weren't even worth squishing, guess they are yucky to donkeys. Thank goodness everyone else were in the pens or it would have been a really big mess. As it was it was irritating with some damage. As an animal person, Syb just shrugged her shoulders as she was laughing.

We have caught 3 teeny tiny little mice the last 3 nights in the feed room. These little guys must just be out of the nest, they are about an inch long. I'd like to think the Cadbury chocolate I used was irresistible, but it had been in the live trap a couple of days before they showed up. Obviously Mother isn't a chocolate lover. She's the one I need to catch, before she goes out & find another boyfriend................!!! Or maybe she already has one & he's also living in the feed room. EEEEEkk!

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