Monday, April 02, 2007


This picture was taken a few years ago, when we had just gotten a load of pretty good looking hay. The guys were "helping" unload, at least their idea of helping.................!!!

We are going tomorrow to get a load of better hay than the last load. We went to town last week & got enough hay to last thru tomorrow. I won't say they were grateful, but they are eating it better. Hay right now is about $13.00 a bale at the feed stores. It's a little cheaper on the farm, & the owner promised me he had some better hay, so we'll see.

It's still getting cool enough at night that Snowy appreciates her blanket & boots. I would imagine in the next week or so, it will be staying warm enough at night, she won't need them any longer. I've been noticing a few more flies. That means putting fly masks on everyone, & hopefully most of them staying on, rather than becoming "toys"...........!!!!

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