Monday, April 23, 2007


In almost 10 years we have had to put 3 animals down. Cisco I our 2nd donkey in 1999, Muriel in 2005 & now Snowy both mules. Considering the condition some have been in when they got here, I guess we've been lucky. But it doesn't feel like it when you have to say good-bye.

We never thought about taking in mules, until we were offered Jack. Since then we have had 3 others, & I can't imagine not having them.

Speaking of Jack, we had an appointment for him to see the equine dentist Saturday. Of course that was cancelled to take care of Snowy. Joyce at J-6 Equestrian Center where the dental clinic was to be held, graciously rescheduled Jack for Sunday afternoon.

The last time Jack went to the dentist, he had to have 2 teeth pulled. So a couple of months ago when he started acting like he had problems with his mouth, we assumed it was more tooth problems. Jack & Bert are old friends. Well actually Bert seems to have a way with Jack, which is amazing, since Jack can really be a handful if he wants to be.

Bert opened Jack's mouth with a speculum looked around & told us his teeth were fine. But he had 3 cactus spines stuck in his gums, that had been there long enough to be infected. Talk about feeling like a bad Mom............ I feel terrible to think he probably had those spines all that time. There's no way we could have gotten them out, even if we had known about them. But we could have had a Vet look at him, if we hadn't just assumed it was teeth. His mouth must feel a lot better, he wasn't mouthing & chewing today like he has been lately.

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