Thursday, April 05, 2007


More visitors today. Some of the donkeys & of course Max, the horse, have always been thrilled when people show up & have treats. Some of the others stood back & watched what was going on. Shiloh recently figured out how it works & comes right up to people. Or he will stand still if they come towards him. Either way, he's learned that visitors are a good thing. Jack the mule, is another one, that has started interacting with the people. He use to stand on the other side of his pen & ignore them. But the last few times someone has been here, he's come over to the gate & takes food from their hands. Unfortunately he's a messy eater, so the people get slobbered on, but I'm glad he's decided to join in the fun. And we always offer to let them wash their hands before they leave.

Tula is still stand offish, although today she took a couple of steps towards the people. That's progress, always before she would spook around in the corner, almost daring anyone to come towards her.

We've started letting the guineas out of their pen during the day, so they were out running around too. John's going to start dismantling the pen, so we can build more corrals. Actually we're thinking of building just one big pen. That way when the mesquite bean season gets going, we'll have a large area for all the ones that shouldn't eat the beans. Right now that should be at least 4 of ours, & the 3 little minis, if they are still here. Hopefully this won't be a good year for mesquite beans. Some years we don't have very many, for some reason. About 3 years ago, we had a bumper crop, the ground was literally covered with them. Not good for chubby donkeys, although the local rancher's cows, certainly enjoy them.............!!!!

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