Thursday, April 26, 2007


This morning we decided that it was time to put fly masks on everyone. Yesterday afternoon when everyone came in for supper, I noticed quite a few wet eyes. Everyone seemed happy to have them on except for Tula & Justin. Tula had to be trapped behind a corral panel & even then threw her head around quite a bit. Since we plan on taking it off every night, I hope she decides it isn't worth the battle & will settle down.

Justin just absolutely wouldn't have it. I've about decided it isn't shots or fly masks or anything specific like that............... it's just being messed with & made to do something that he doesn't like. So everyone has on a fly mask except for Justin. I went out to check on everyone this afternoon, & everyone looked very chic with their masks on. Justin had a couple of flies buzzing around his face. I told him, it served him right.

We let Sugar out this morning. She ran around a little bit, but not crazy like some of them have. She did try to eat some cholla, & got a piece stuck in her lower lip. I watched her to make sure she could get it off. I figured the lesson needed to be learned, rather than me removing it for her.

John & I loaded that nasty dirty hay & will take it back to the farm tomorrow. I swear those bales get heavier every time we move them.............!!!!

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