Friday, April 27, 2007


John & I headed for Eloy this morning to exchange bad hay for good. On the way we stopped in Tucson to visit a friend that is stuck in a rehab hospital. He's already been in the "system" for 3 months & no end in sight, so he's always glad to see visitors.

We got to the hay farm a little later than usual, & everyone was out planting trees. John thought he'd start unloading hay, while we waited for someone to show up. You know, just about the time he unloaded the last bale, here come the help. I wonder if they were hiding around a corner somewhere..............!!!! Unfortunately it was the owner, & one guy. The owner doesn't "do" hay, so John & the guy loaded the hay.

We got home late, as we could tell from the fly masks missing, poo piles on the walkway & cranky equines. They sweeten up as soon as they see food preparations, but until that time, they are not happy, & let us know it. By the time we fed, it was getting dark. There's a light in the hay barn, which helped since we didn't get done unloading hay until about 8:30pm. Poor John, I think he's probably sick of hay by now..............!!!!! We talked to the owner again about bringing hay down here about 250 bales at a time. He still says he's willing to try to get in our driveway, so we're anxiously awaiting the new cutting of hay, which should be late May, early June.

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