Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yesterday we went to a dinner in Tucson. We had to leave by 2pm, which means we would have to start evening feeding at noon. Some of the slow eaters have just finished at that time. So we decided to feed Snowy her extra daily feeding & wait to feed everyone else when we got home. We've never left without feeding them in the afternoon before.

We got home about 9pm, no animals in sight. The courtyard gate was open & the courtyard had been trashed. We had a container with Snowy's special feed in it on the courtyard. The feed room is small & this seemed like a good place to keep her feed.

The only good news is, there was probably less than 5 pounds of pellets in the container. The bad news is, we don't know if only one got most of the goodies, or if it was a shared "feast".

Max is the only one that can open the gate when it's latched. And if he got in first the others wouldn't go in with him. In that case he would probably eat it all. But, it's very difficult for him to get thru the gate because of his size, in which case BlackJack would take over & push his way thru.

This morning I heard a noise on the courtyard before I went out to feed & Buster Brown was on the courtyard, turning the container over & giving me the idea that he had been there before. So we have no idea how many or who were involved.

We will be closely watching them, especially those three for any signs of founder. An equine system operates within about a 72 hour time frame. So we should know by Friday if everyone is OK. And we will have to find a new place to store Snowy's special feed.

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