Sunday, November 27, 2016


A few days ago John noticed a bark lizard inside one of the spa room screens.  It not unusual to have lizards between the glass and the screens, I guess it's warm there..........well at least when the sun is shining.  I had been watching and he hadn't moved, so I went out this morning and poked him.  He was alive, but not moving too good, because of the 28 degrees it got down to last night.  There's no sun on that side of the house until afternoon.  

So I asked John to help me catch him and put him in a cricket house I got a few years ago, when there was a large wolf spider living in our bathroom.  They love crickets, so I bought him some crickets, I'm sure some people probably have a problem with that.......LOL  

The lizard was cold enough catching wasn't too difficult. Put the house in a sunny place in the guest bedroom, we have 4 cats in the house and a little critter in a small plastic container, wouldn't last long where they could get to it..  The next thing is to find a snack for the lizard.  There are flies all over the ceiling in the feed room, because it's warmer in there than outside.  Sent John out to get one and he did.  Trying to get a fly out of a plastic cup into a little plastic house, isn't easy.  The fly is somewhere in the guest bedroom probably enjoying the warmth.  I found another fly in one of the water buckets, unfortunately now there are 2 flies in the guest room.  LOL   So John headed out again to check water buckets.  He had rescued a moth earlier out of the water, but couldn't find it.  We finally found some type of small bright green grasshopper trying to stay afloat in one of the buckets.  My thought was better to die for a good cause, than to drowned in a bucket of really cold water...... in the cricket/lizard house it went.  Checked later and no little green grasshopper to be seen.  When I put it in there it was perched on the lizard's head, which really didn't seem like a good place to be.  They do look like bark and the lizard was laying on a stick we put in, so the grasshopper probably thought it was just a limb, that is if they think.  So now we have to find some more food critters for the lizard.  

In the spring we always find little lizards dried up in nooks and crannies in the house, I assume because they didn't eat enough before they went into semi hibernation.  So we'll fatten him up and probably put him in the hay barn for the winter.  The hay barn is a really busy eco system, John finds lizards between the bales of hay, all winter long and has to find a new place for them, once he removes their hay.  

Didn't have to doctor anyone this morning.  I'm still watching Quilla and Coquette's lower legs.  They both have so much fly damage, most of the hair is gone.  

Yesterday we had a large group of visitors from one of the RV parks in Benson.  They came in the afternoon, so the donkeys were out on the property.  If they are in their pens, the people can feed them, but if they are out, we keep food out of the show.  None of the donkeys are aggressive in any way, BUT, if food is involved, someone, especially people not use to being around large animals, might get knocked down or stepped on as the donkeys tried to push to the front of the line for food.  

I'm really getting to where I like having them out rather than in their individual pens.  They are free to come and go, but usually stay right where the people are.  Gizmo the mini mule makes sure he is front and center with every person.  I'm sure he thinks there has to be a cookie in someone's pocket if he can just find out who it is.  Penny was right in the middle of everything going on.  She has turned a corner since her colic surgery this summer.  She was really good with the boys and girls that were out here a week ago, letting them touch her head and face.  I thought it was because they were children, but she was really good yesterday too.  That particular RV park will probably be bringing out a tour each month until late spring.  They try to show the "snowbirds" some of the sights in the area and we're on the list. 

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