Sunday, November 06, 2016

THE FLIES WILL "NOT" DIE..........!!!

What a bunch of pretty faces

The last few nights it has gotten down in the 30's and the flies are still pretty bad.  A few of the donkeys have poor immune systems I guess, they are really bad fly magnets.  Gus, Cisco and Penny seem to be their favorites.  I've still got 2 fly traps out and they are keeping busy. 

We're still finding a few praying mantis.  I think their life span must be from spring to winter, this time of year all the ones we find are about the same size 4-5 inches long.  John found one a few days ago and usually when we find them we put them on the fly traps.  They really like flies. I saw him 3 or 4 times, but haven't seen him the last few days.  I'm afraid the cold did him in.  

Still doctoring a little bit and still putting fly masks on at night.  Penny is now completely off of medical watch and seems to enjoy being back to "normal".  The mesquite trees are dropping their tiny little leaves like crazy, which seems to make the donkeys happy.  They are still on short rations, and they let us know it.  But, roaming around picking up tiny little mesquite leaves, seems to me to be a good use of their time, especially the 4 or 5 that are obese.  They were all looking so good before the bean season......SIGH.....!!  

Last night was the last Hornet race at the track.   As I wrote about in early September, I wasn't allowed to race unless I put stickers on my car, although the Hornets didn't get to participate in the contingency money from NASCAR.  We have a friend, who I think was more upset about it than I was.  So I missed the last 2 point races for end of the year points.  Last night's race wasn't for points, but Bob knew a graphics designer that could cut the 25 or so decals down in size and put them on one piece of vinyl. I figured if it was that important to him, I could bend a little, especially since it wouldn't be "their" stickers and they wouldn't be so big that they would cover the whole fender.  That is, IF they would let me race with the alternative stickers.  

Time was of the essence,. by the time we finally agreed.  It was suppose to be done before Friday, but it was late Friday before Bob picked them up.  Bless his heart he drove out from Tucson Sat. morning, and even put them on the car.


None of the officials said a word, actually all night...........LOL  But quite a few of the other driver's think they look great and want to get some.  In fact one of the Hornet drivers found the race director to ask him if they were legal.  The director said "he had better things to do, than talk about "her" damn stickers"...............hmmmm, maybe everyone wasn't happy to see me back, with my stickers after all..........LOL  

I actually had a good night, ran my fastest lap on the asphalt ever and finished in 3rd, which was my best finish this season.  

The dirt track has put out rules and schedule, which has a lot of people excited.  They won't be racing until January, but now people will have time to build a car if they need to.  John still plans on me running both tracks, still working on getting the new Kia Sephia to start.  If so, it will be an "interesting" race season, I'm sure............LOL

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