Tuesday, November 15, 2016


They pulled in just at dark, and unloaded Leddy, so we haven't really seen him yet.  We had put hay and water in his pen, which he seemed to appreciate.  We'll see him in the morning.  From what I saw he is a little bigger than BlackJack.  The 3 dogs came in like they had never left and started playing with Saddik, and picking up sticks for us to throw, just like normal.  

They drove from Santa Fe, New Mexico today, which is a pretty long drive.  Last spring Lynn and John set up a spot for their RV with utilities, but it was too dark tonight to set it up, so they are dry camping in the driveway, until tomorrow...........LOL It's good to see them again, it's like they had never left. 

Talked to Dr. Voss about Rosie today.  They are trying to wean her off the COB and alfalfa and I guess she isn't impressed.  She is also off of insulin and IVs, so they are basically just observing her.  I think we have all had a shock, she does NOT have fatty liver disease, I would have bet my life she did, and I'm sure everyone that has seen her obese body, thought she did too.  So why is she so fat?  Her numbers aren't out of whack, her liver and kidneys are healthy, and she has been on 3 pounds of hay a day forever, of course she self feeds on the acreage, but I can't imagine that she eats that much "wild" food, there isn't really that much available.  And for most of the day she and Gigi stay close to the house, waiting for something to happen I guess.  

They will call in the morning and decide whether we should go up tomorrow to pick her up or to wait another day or so.  They did find something interesting when they x-rayed her.  She seems to have a slight impaction, nothing alarming, in fact she is pooing just fine.  She also has what looks like a piece of baling wire in her gut.  I have no idea where that came from, our hay is tied with nylon hay string and we are pretty diligent about keeping stuff like that picked up.  Dr. Voss thinks she will pass it, I'd be curious to "save" it, if and when she does.  I'd like to know if it's been in there for a long time, I assume it would be pretty corroded if so.  

BlackJack is still coughing off and on.  Dr. Jeremy suggested wetting his hay to see if the dust in the hay might be part of the problem.  We started that tonight. He doesn't have a temperature, so I'll just keep doctoring him for about the next week.  SMZ's are really bitter, so I try to "doctor" it up with molasses.  So far he seems to approve of my efforts............LOL

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