Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DICE............?????????? WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?

Yesterday afternoon, while John and Lynn, went to pick up Lynn's Hornet down at Gary's.  Long story...... John hasn't been able to get it to start.  The motor is the motor out of my car that got wrecked and was running when I hit the wall.  John worked electronics for over 30 years in the Air Force and in Saudi, and he says it's electronics.  He has spent hours and hours trying to figure it out, without a schematic, I guess he thought that 30+ years would be enough..........NOT.......!!!   I finally found a factory electrical system manual for a Kia Sephia and ordered it.  He had hauled the car down to Gary's for consultation.  That's means Gary knows foreign cars back and forth, and John was hoping to pick his brain.  They spent one whole afternoon playing with it, before the manual got here.  Gary is going out of town for the holidays, so John wants the car here, where his manual is.........LOL

Lynn and Linda are leaving today to go sell Christmas trees in California for a month, so John will  have plenty of time to hopefully get the silly thing started.  Hope so, my future Hornet is still sitting in the driveway where we dropped it, when we brought it home from Phoenix.  It needs to be completely stripped and motor and tranny installed, differential locked and all the little "extras" that go with building a race car.  I'm sure when Lynn gets back things will go really quick...........LOL

Yesterday afternoon Linda and I took "Josie" to the vet for a well check, since we know nothing about her.  Well now we do, her name is Dice and she is 10 years old, and is microchipped.  The clinic left a message on the 2 phone numbers on her record, so far they haven't called.  The clinic will leave a message for the people for 3 days and if they don't get back with the clinic, I guess we have another dog........LOL  I can't do Dice, so we've been calling her Dicey.

Rosie seems to be back to normal, after her outing to the clinic in Gilbert.  We in the process of changing Gus over from Previcox to Gabapentin to control pain in his shoulders from how he walks because of his lousy feet.  He actually walks pretty good, but he acts like his chest and shoulder area are sore.  So we're seeing if a change in drugs makes a difference.  BlackJack is over his coughing and off SMZ's and Buddy is now coughing and on SMZ's..........!!!

We are taking it one day at a time on fly masks I guess.  The nights are in the 30's, but the days are staying bright, sunny and warm, which means the flies haven't given up the fight. 

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ellie k said...

I take Gabapentin 300 for my back and it really helps, it starts to work in about ten minutes for me.