Monday, November 14, 2016


Talked to Dr. Voss this morning.  Because she went in on Saturday, they could only do in-house blood tests.  The really important one to run on an obese donkey is the lipid test, to see if the liver is damaged, in a fattie's situation, to see if they have fatty liver disease.  He mentioned also Cushings, which of course we're familiar with.  I don't think they've tested her for Cushings at this time, that was just a SWAG, (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) thrown out for thought.

So the plan of attack at this time, is to get the results from a lipid panel.  They have Rosie on insulin that is keeping her glucose around 120, 100 would be better.  Dr. Voss said she REALLY likes the alfalfa they've been feeding her, but not interested in the grass hay.......... Somehow I'm not surprised.  They were going to take her out to the grassy 1/4 acre pasture they have.  I'm sure she'll enjoy that...!!  LOL

At this time it looks like we'll go up Wednesday to pick her up.  I know Gigi will be happy to see her again.  She's upset that Rosie isn't here, which is understandable.  The people originally had 2 pregnant jennies, that had babies.  Somewhere in the 11 years they were in that pen, Gigi lost her mother and Rosie lost her offspring.  So they aren't mother and daughter, but they are very bonded.

Lynn and Linda their 3 dogs and Leddy the donkey should be on the road from Colorado, headed for SE Arizona.  Don't know how long it will take them, probably 2 days if they push, 3 if they don't.  Quilla got moved last night, so Leddy can have the larger pen, since he's a larger donkey.  We didn't want to move Quilla after Leddy got here, not only would he get moved out of what he has come to believe is his pen, but he'd see someone else in it.........!!!  This way he will have a couple of days to realize he is still getting fed and the routine hasn't changed, only where he is in the line-up.

BlackJack is still coughing even though he's been on SMZ's for 3 days, although not as much.  He'll get SMZ's for7-10 days and then I guess we'll re-evaluate if he is still coughing.  Dr. Jeremy said he had lung sounds on one side more so than the other.  BJ is never sick, so this was a surprise.  We'd throw him in the trailer to take him up to Gilbert Wednesday, when we pick up Rosie..........BUT........we left the trailer up there...........LOL 

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