Saturday, November 12, 2016


We had an uneventful trip up to Gilbert and the Equine Clinic.  When we would stop, I'd offer her a couple of animal crackers and she was more than willing to take them.  

Got up there and one of the interns checked us in.  In fact she had worked with Penny this summer when she was up there for colic surgery and remembered us.  

Dr. Voss showed up and sewed in an IV line while we waited for the blood tests  to finish.  Surprise, surprise, none of her numbers were really bad, kidneys were perfect and the numbers that weren't within range, weren't all that bad.  

The liver test can't be done in house, it has to go to a lab and Dr. Voss didn't know if it could be picked up tonight.  But he's pretty sure whatever the problem is, it probably isn't hyperlipidemia, judging from the numbers he saw, so far.  

Before we left she was enthroned in an indoor box stall.  I think it is probably the first time she has ever been in a stall of any kind.  She wasn't really sure she wanted to go in there.  We watched her for awhile, the intern got her some COB (EeeeeK) and grass hay.  The main thing is to get her to eat something and if COB does the job, so be it.  She was actually eating it when we left.  

They will call in the morning to let us know what's going on and how she is doing.  I called Dr. Jeremy when we got home.  Actually I returned his call on the answering machine.  He's been very attentive and wants to know everything that's going on.  

Got home after dark, called Doug on the road and he was putting the last one in, happened to be Gizmo, the mini mule, when we got here.  Poor little Gigi, she's been with Rosie her whole life, Doug said she spent all afternoon, looking for Rosie, so I'm sure she will be thrilled when Rosie comes home, probably Monday.  We left the stock trailer up there rather than drag it home.  We've always brought it home, but with a mobile vet in the neighborhood, we felt it was safe to leave it there. 

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