Sunday, November 20, 2016


Josie has let us know she is a "house" dog, not a feedroom/dogpen dog.  Lynn and Linda aren't helping, by taking her in their RV and making her part of the "pack".............LOL  She's settled down with the dogs, but is still showing John where his weak spots in the chain link dog pen are.  So he's doing the Caddy Shack routine, of her getting out, and him pounding metal stakes, so she can't get out there again.  So she just finds another one.  It's fun to watch, but very annoying.  She doesn't go anywhere, she usually runs to their RV and sits by the steps.........LOL  Wonder what she is going to do when their RV pulls out tomorrow or Tuesday, poor little girl.  

We can't have her in the house the cats would absolutely go into panic mode, especially Moogee, well Snooky wouldn't be too thrilled either..........!!!  We hate having to put her into the stock trailer, but it's the only place she can't escape from.  SIGH!  We put her in the feed room, until she "escapes" then if Doug or Lynn and Linda don't take her in, next stop is the stock trailer.  I'm calling to make a vet appointment for a "well checkup" for her.  She seems to have some arthritis, but other than that, seems healthy. 

Yesterday we went to see how the dirt track upgrades were going.  You might know they weren't working this week-end and had the place locked up tight, so we couldn't even see what they've done to the track.  Lynn and Linda went with us, since he wants to race dirt.  

One the way home we stopped at Pilot Travel Center, where we picked Josie up.  Lynn went in to see if there were any ads up from someone looking for their missing dog........didn't see one.......!!!  

Before we left a group of kids came out from an organization in Benson.  All but 2 of the kids had been out here before, so it was somewhat like old home week.  Actually I had not bothered to look at the calendar and forgot about their appointment.  John had already let the donkeys out of their pens, and 5 minutes later we would have been on the road going to the track.  Boy, would that have been a shock for Doug..........LOL

We've never had the donkeys out for a bunch of children before, but since there was 7 adults for 10 children, we decided to give it a go.

Lynn and Leddy meeting some of the kids, thanks Linda for all the pictures (she carries her phone and is ready at all times.........LOL

This is Miss PennyPacker, wading into the middle of the fun.  And she stayed there for all the petting...amazing..!!!

Leddy was more than willing to be part of the entertainment, didn't miss a chance to be petted.

Rosie is now eating without drama.  There is still some alfalfa being mixed in with her bermuda, but John is cutting it down every feeding, so it won't be long before she's completely weaned, hopefully.  Still putting a hot pack on her abscess? at the IV site.  It's looking good, so probably tonight will be the last time for that.  Doctoring is down to almost nothing and the last few nights have really cut down on the fly population.  Might try leaving the fly masks off tomorrow, and see how it goes.  Poor Frijolita's mask isn't going to make it much longer and I don't have any extras left.....!!

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