Friday, November 18, 2016


Gee I don't know where to start, the last few days have been chaotic, to say the least.  Lynn, Linda and their gang got in late, dry camped for the night and John and Lynn got their trailer set up the next morning.  Leddy their donkey went in Quilla's old pen and didn't seem anxious about all the donkeys yelling at him and all that.  He's pretty mellow.  

Lynn and Linda will be leaving with the dogs Monday.  They manage a large Christmas tree lot in California every year and will be back probably a few days after Christmas to stay until late spring.  We'll babysit Leddy until they get back

Rosie has been improving up at the clinic, even finally eating bermuda hay.  They put her on alfalfa and COB  (YIKES!) to get her to eat.  They also had been giving her insulin to control her blood sugar.  So we went up yesterday and picked her up.  Lynn and Linda went with us for the adventure.  

Headed home and stopped in Tucson at a Pilot gas station and when we pulled in we noticed a dog, 3 legged lame and not walking very good on the other rear leg.  Of course Linda and I piled out to see what was happening.  She came right up to Lynn and I and had an old nasty piece of bread she was chewing on.  I want in to get her something to eat and when I came out with 2 hot dogs, she was beside the truck with John, Lynn and Linda.  I'm sure you can see where this is going.  By this time she isn't limping at all, John said she's learned how to look pathetic and beg.  

She was really really hungry, older dog, standing right there by the she went and we headed home.  Linda and I picked ticks the whole way..........UGH!  So either we saved a street dog or stole someone's pet.  Either way, she wasn't in a good situation.  

Linda took this picture when we got home.  I wanted to name her Lilly, John opted for Joy, I told him names needs 2 syllables, so now he's saying Joyous.  I got the backing of Doug and Linda for Josie, so it's not settled yet...........LOL  

Had to leave her in the stock trailer last night.  Tried putting her in Casper's old pen, but unfortunately like Punch, she can get out the cattle panel squares.  The stock trailer is our "go to" for escape artists of all types, so in she went.  Lynn got the igloo and put straw in it, so she had a warm place to sleep.  Good thing it got down to 27 last night.........BRRRRR......!! 

This morning we took her out to potty, she's obviously house trained and wouldn't go in the trailer.  Wasn't too thrilled on a lead either, so I decided to try putting her in Saddik's pen and put him in Casper's old pen.  HE CAN'T GET OUT THE SQUARES..........LOL  Gave her some time to go potty and then put Saddik in with her.  She put him in his place and they've been in there ever since.  Still hasn't figured out the doggie door, that usually takes a couple of days.  

This morning we let Leddy out for the 1st time.  Talk about mellow dramatic.......!!!  He just went out like he'd done it every day of his life, wandered around and came up to beg cookies anytime he saw someone.  They have trained him well............LOL  We gave him a little while, and let the others out.  The minis were the worst brats, he just looked at them and backed up.  



So this morning Rosie wouldn't eat her mush or hay.  She's never been a fan of mush, usually just picks out the few pellets in it.  Wasn't even interested in doing that.  I called the clinic and they said feed her whatever she will eat and to give her 30cc of Karo, even though she doesn't have fatty liver disease.  So I did, and made up a lovely pan of Lakin Lite, senior feed and oats.  She would eat it if I hand fed her..........Grrrrrr....!!!  By the time I called Dr. Alltop, she had started picking at the bermuda and ate some of the junk food.  John is going in this afternoon and get a bale of alfalfa.  Dr. Alltop said he'd rather she eat alfalfa than junk food.  I had planned on holding the alfalfa as a last resort, but will try mixing it with the bermuda for awhile.  

Linda just came in and said Lilly/Joy/Joyous/Josie had escaped from the dog pen.  Luckily they saw her wiggle out at the corner with Cisco's pen.  So Linda put her back in the stock trailer and Lynn is trying to outsmart her.............Hmmm...........these battles of will don't always go well........!!   STAY TUNED

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