Friday, November 25, 2016

OK, COOLING OFF IS GOOD.........BUT 25 degrees seems a little much.

This morning I was whining about how cold it was in the house, that it might be time for a fire in the wood stove.  Went right over John's head, I think he said something to the effect to put on more clothes........!!!  The sun is out finally, but it's only 60 degrees outside, so I can't open up the doors and windows to get a little heat in here.  Maybe this afternoon.

Wednesday as planned we loaded Josie/Dice in the truck and headed for Pilot to return her to her mom.  We got there on time, but Estella got caught up in Thanksgiving traffic coming home from work and was late.  That's OK, sitting in a large gas station with the cheapest gas in town,  pre-holiday is quite entertaining.   Lots of opportunities for wrecks, as they backed up, and sped around trying to find an open gas pump, but I think they all survived without damage.

Not a good picture of Dice waiting, but I was in the front seat, squirming around trying to get in position without falling between the seats.  Looks like one or both of us moved.  I was going to take a picture when her mom got there, but forgot all about it in the excitement of the hand off.

Estella had called the house to say she would be late, and had one of her neighbor's drive to Pilot and try to find us.  I guess he was driving around and around, but for some reason didn't see a Chevy pick-up with brown tribal banners down the side.  Dice's little tail really was wiggling when she saw her mom, she jumped in the SUV and never even looked back.  I'm glad we picked her up, she wasn't in a good place and looked like she had been out for awhile.  Her home was actually fairly close to Pilot, but who knows what could have happened to her.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we went into Tucson to have dinner at our grandson's.  His wife Becky did most of the dinner, with some requests for grandma to bring.  Our son and Lisa were there also.  It was a nice day and very rarely do we ever get a chance to just visit.  Most of the time we meet at the race track, and of course then the primary discussion is whichever car is racing, not exactly family stuff.

Both days Doug fed the donkeys for us, since we would get in late.  That really makes it nicer for us and for the donkeys, otherwise they would get fed late, and depending on how late, John would have to stay up past his bedtime to let them out.  Hmmmm, we just barely make it to bedtime now, adding a couple of hours to it, probably wouldn't work too well.  LOL

Most of the "fur" kids have their fly masks off now.  A few of them get watery eyes without the masks, don't know if it is flies or allergies, but they do better with the masks on.  A few more cold nights and cooler days and we can probably leave theirs off too.

Leddy, Lynn and Linda's donkey acts like he's been here for a long time.  When tours show up he already knows the drill and participates with enthusiasm.  He still hasn't found anyone to run with, I thought Boaz would be a good candidate, although over the years I've found out I'm not a real good judge of who should be friends.

Lynn and Linda are probably working their fannies off in L.A. starting today selling Christmas trees until right before Christmas.  They won't have time to miss Leddy, that's for sure.

Linda took these pictures for Thanksgiving before they left.  Leddy's poor little hat doesn't even show up, he needs a sombrero, something more his size..........LOL  The dogs are all use to posing, it looks like.

John finally got Lynn's race car for the dirt running.  I don't know how many hours and hours he had spent trying to figure out why it wouldn't start.  Once he had the factory book on the electrical system, it didn't take him anytime to figure it out.  Yes, it was sorta electrical, but not exactly.  There are 2 plugs that are almost identical, but obviously if you put them in the wrong place, the car won't start.  If you switch them, it will start right up.......!!!  So he's busy getting all the little things done on it, so he can get started on stripping out the car we brought back from Phoenix, that will be my dirt car.  There is a brand new rebuilt motor sitting in the garage to go in it, and it has to be changed from an automatic to a stick shift.  So hopefully that Kia Sephia's transition from street car to race car will go quickly and smoothly. 

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