Thursday, August 04, 2016


As of yesterday we are watching Penny.  She isn't feeling good and isn't pooing, not much interested in eating.

Yesterday morning she came in, but wasn't much interested in anything and laid down in her pen which isn't normal for her.  I have her a shot and we went for John's daily radiation treatment in Tucson.  When we got home, she let us know she had been in there all day with nothing to eat and was hungry.  Last night she ate all her supper, so we let her out with the others at bedtime. 

This morning she was standing in the wash, willing to take an animal cracker, but not interested in anything else.  I gave her another shot, called the vet and she said to just keep her in the pen and let her know how Penny was doing when we got home.  We rushed into Tucson, and rushed home, still no poo, but she had eaten her breakfast hay, not her mush.  She's not really a connoisseur of mush, so I gave her some senior feed and rolled oats, which she did eat.  

I'm keeping Dr. Karla in the loop and we all have our fingers crossed looking for poo.  She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, but with donkeys it's hard to tell.  They are so stoic and can be in a great deal of pain, and you'd never know it.  She isn't laying down, so that's a good sign and she is very alert.  Of course Penny is always alert, she never lets her guard down.  

As of today we are cutting down on the donkeys time out of the pens.  They got out at noon today. We were gone, but Doug said they let him know how mistreated they were by yelling and screaming when they saw him.  

The ones that are already obese, will probably end up having to stay in the pens 24/7 before it's over.  We have a better crop of mesquite beans this year than usual unfortunately.  We use to let the range cattle into Burroland for a few weeks and they'd clean them up.  But there aren't very many cattle left on the range and there are so many beans everywhere, why would they bother to go thru a gate to eat ours?  We found that out last year, even with John putting salt in the gate opening I think one cow went in and I don't think she probably ate very many beans. 

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