Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Dr. Voss just called and said she was in recovery and doing very well.  They had been calling every day to report and unfortunately there wasn't anything to report, nothing was moving in the pipeline, although they had tubed her with oil and Epsom salts.  The liquid was by passing the impaction and x-rays showed the impaction wasn't going anywhere.  So we were down to two options, actually three, wait and watch, surgery or euthanize her.  The longer we would watch the more damage could be done to her colon.  The impaction was passed the cecum, which to me would be a good thing.  All her test numbers were good, she's not acting painful, was more than willing to go out and eat grass a couple of times a day.  OK, so she's a 20 year old throw away with a nasty attitude towards people, is hunchbacked and has had a broken jaw and we have the power of trying to save her or not.  There's a saying from the movie Seabiscuit, "you don't throw them away, just because they are a little beat up", or something like that.  

Hopefully we'll get to bring her home in 2 or 3 days and she will be able to hang out with her friend Coquette.  Probably won't be going out to eat "wild" food for awhile, if ever......!!!  LOL  Actually everyone is on restriction now.  They are only going out from about 2:30pm to 5pm when they come in for evening feeding.  The 4 fatties, Rosie, Gigi, Buddy and Coquette (yes, Penny's friend) as of today are getting to go out for 2 hours at the most.  And we are watching poo, like detectives.  If anyone starts having more beans than actual poo, the restrictions are going to get more restrictive.  Unfortunately keeping them from going out doesn't do anything to get rid of the beans.  John and I raked up beans around the pen area yesterday morning and after some wind in the afternoon, you couldn't even tell it.  The ground was covered under the trees.  Georgia cleans pen a couple of times a week and lives just down the road.  She said she doesn't have very many beans at all......!!!!  SIGH....!!  

I just talked to Dr. Taylor that did the surgery.  My main concern was damage to her colon.  It's been 8 days since we noticed she had a problem.  I was afraid there might be damage to her colon since the impaction wasn't moving at all, but he said it was fine, no damage.  He also said his opinion is, we could have treated her for 2 months and the impaction wouldn't have moved, so we did the right thing.  I hate to have to second guess my decisions, but this was a good one. 


arte white said...

I'm glad she got another chance. I hope she recovers and lives more years.

Tish said...

So do we, they called this morning and said she was doing fine, although not much interested in eating yet.