Sunday, August 14, 2016

SHE'S HOME............!!

We picked Miss Penny up this afternoon.  Our morning started out a little rough.  Because of the bean situation, the donkey are staying in the pens much to their disgust.  Sometime during the night, they managed to break one of the water pipes, which drained 2500 gallons of water out of the tank.  That meant no water available to fill up water buckets, or anything that took much water.  At the time we didn't know the pipe was broke, John thought one of the donkeys turned on the faucet, but once we got home this afternoon, we found out different.  It will take a long time to get the tank filled up again, because of the water buckets we use quite a bit of water each day, so now John is talking about having someone bring water in a truck to put in the tank, to boost the process.............SIGH.....!!!  We called Doug on the way home to see if there was water, before we found out about the broken pipe and he told us, NO WATER.  So we stopped and bought some gallon jugs of water to get us thru the night.  

Actually once we got home and John had a chance to look at it, he figured out some way to do something that will fill up the pressure tank, which is about 30 gallons.  So John plays with some switch and Doug fills buckets.  Not sure how long this new life style change will last, I'm sure John will fix it as soon as he can.  Thursday is his last day of radiation, might not get a chance until then.  In the meantime, the tank is filling up, but really, really slow.  

Penny is absolutely frisky, eyes bright, head up and ready for all the animal crackers she can get hold of.  They said this morning she tried using her front legs as weapons, guess she's tired of being a patient.  She hopped in the trailer and we headed home.  

We didn't tell her as per doctor's orders, she will have to stay in the hay barn "stall" 30 days, and then 6 weeks of "pen" time.  One thing, by the time she gets out of "jail", the beans will be gone.  When we go in the hay barn, she starts showing us, she knows where the "get out" place is.  I had John double latch it, not sure she isn't capable of getting it open.  

They had been feeding her soaked alfalfa powder, whatever that is.  The guy at Tractor Supply didn't seem to know either, so I just bought a bag of alfalfa cubes.  John ran some of them thru his leaf shredder and she ate some of that.  She also tried her regular beet pulp, senior feed  and Lakin Lite mush, and I even tried wetting her shredded alfalfa cubes and she tried that too.  I separated everything, so I can tell what she prefers.  They said to feed her what she will eat.  She has never been a big eater and in fact they said she is anorexic.  So we'll keep trying different things to see what is the biggest hit.  I feel funny feeding alfalfa, never have, never thought I would............LOL

You might know, I took my camera and didn't take one picture, either up at the clinic or once we got home.  Maybe tomorrow I can get one of her in her "new" home for the next 30 days

The races got rained out last night, so we got to bring the car home safe and sound.  I actually got to run the heat race, finished 3rd, but we don't know if the race will count or not.  We're suppose to race again next Saturday, so they might just throw last night out, and start all over again.



ellie k said...

Maybe you will need to mix animal crackers with her favorite food when you find what it is. That would really spoil her.

Tish said...

We got a bale of alfalfa yesterday and she's been picking at it, so we'll see what today is like.