Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Judging from the way she is acting, you would never know she had major abdominal surgery less than two weeks ago.  She's perky, alert, and getting demanding about animal crackers, which is funny..!!!  Always before when she dealt with people, it was on her terms and at a distance.  If treats were involved her neck can get pretty long, so she didn't have to be close to you.  If she thought you were expecting something from her, treat or not, she would leave the area.  We've always had to use a squeeze to work with her and probably will still have to.  But for now, she expects crackers anytime someone is in sight and will actually let me fingernail scratch her back and will stand there as long as I'll scratch.  Usually she would stand for a few seconds and take off.  

Last night at dusk, John came in and said he had a run in with a rattlesnake in the driveway.  He heard it before he saw it and said it was moving at a pretty good speed towards Doug's RV.  He watched it go into a concrete block and curl up.  I would imagine it was going out hunting before it had to take into consideration a human in it's space.  We debated whether to tell Doug or not.  Doug is of the mind set that the only good snake is a dead snake, along with 99% of the population, but he's been here long enough to know our mind set of....... leave them alone and they'll leave you alone.  We finally decided to tell him and John went out to make sure Doug and the snake didn't accidentally find each other in the "almost" dark.  

The snake was still in the concrete block, so the only problem was when the dogs go in Doug's RV for the night around 8pm.  Saddik is snake wise, he gives them a wide berth, but we weren't sure about Punch.  I guess Doug figured it out, this morning everything was status quo and the snake was gone.

My doctoring is down to 5, Quilla is the worst one.  Both of his front legs are bloody from fly and sun damage and I've tried to get away from completely bandaging his legs.  But so far that is about the only things that works.  They both were looking good, no open sores one morning and by that afternoon both of them were bloody, I assume from the sun, so we're back to completely bandaging. At least we aren't having the 100+ degree days anymore.  We're not exactly into fall, but the nights are cooling off and 90 degree days, so LIFE IS GOOD...........!!!!  LOL

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