Sunday, August 07, 2016


We are headed out the door this morning to take Penny up to the Equine Clinic in Gilbert, up by Phoenix.  She is still not pooing or peeing and Dr. Karla and I decided that's where she needs to be.  They have all the "toys" to diagnosed, that a field vet doesn't have.  Since we don't know for sure what it wrong, it's best to make the effort to find out.  

Since John is going into Tucson for daily treatments, and the the clinic up there operates a 24/7 clinic, this seemed like a good time, especially since the longer something like this goes on, the worse it gets. Hopefully they can "fix" whatever is wrong and we will be able to go back up and pick her up.  We've already figured out how we can do it.  Haul the stock trailer to John's radiation treatment which is on the NW side of Tucson, 70 miles closer to Gilbert than we are here at home and leave from there.  Biggest problem with that is where to park the truck and trailer.  I think they make parking spaces as small as they can these days.  I'm not even sure we can get the rig into their parking lot, so we may have to walk.  Won't be the 1st time we've had the trailer and had to walk.  We just hope we get to bring her home.

UPDATE:  4:50pm  We just got back from from Gilbert.  First of all I must say I was very proud of Penny.  We prepared them for her behavior before we even took her out of the trailer.  That she is a fear kicker and will use her head and front feet as weapons, and will avoid you touching her if at all possible.

They may think we brought them the wrong donkey.  She was very good thru running an IV and suture it into position, temperature taking, x-rays, all the diagnosis tools they use.  Through it all Penny was a trooper, not what she had planned for the day, BUT, she didn't fight what was happening.  She was such a good girl.

Once all the tests were done, they put her in a lovely box stall with a nice window under a tree, a box fan, and wood shavings on the floor.  At first she was a little stunned, I doubt if she had ever been in a nice stall like that before.  But after awhile she started exploring and even started picking at the wood shavings on the floor.  So they gave her some senior feed, unfortunately it was in a black pen rather than the blue she is use to, so she acted like it was probably very dangerous and wouldn't even go near it.  They can be so funny sometimes.

Dr. Voss got there, Dr. Emily is the intern that "checked" her in, but Dr. Voss is the deciding vote I guess.  He looked at all she had done, had already looked at the blood tests Dr. Karla did this week, and decided although Penny does have sand it isn't enough to be causing her system to not work.  The x-rays basically showed them what isn't happening, so the plan is to treat her as if she is starving, as in not eating, with glucose in the IV and insulin shots to hopefully kick start her system.  The one real problem they are dealing with is her renal numbers are really high, as in possible kidney problems.  But they could be caused by the lack of eating.  So over the next 24 hours hopefully there will some change in the right direction.

When we got ready to leave, they have a policy of you taking all equipment like halters, and leads home, and they use their own equipment.  NOW MISS PENNY SHOWED HER TEMPER.......!!  LOL  Dr. Emily and I tried to change halters and Penny let us know that although she had been relatively cooperative up until now, the party was over.  We finally managed to get their halter on her but it was too large.  We had left our halter on, planning on slipping it off when we got the other one on, rather than take a chance on not being able to re-halter her from "scratch", so to speak.  So we decided that if for some reason our halter got lost, we'd live with that little problem.  LOL

Hopefully after a glucose IV tonight there will be some good change to report when they call tomorrow. 

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