Saturday, August 27, 2016


All the donkeys are spoiled when it comes to animal crackers, but she's really getting into the idea that every time a person comes within her eyesight, IT'S COOKIE TIME..........!!!  It's cute, but I have a feeling it's going to be hard to break her of it, later on.  Oh! well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, for now I'm sure it is making Penny's recuperation more interesting for her.  

I think she likes all the special attention, but she isn't going to give up her independence, just because of cookies or anything else.  It's all still on her terms, if we go in her pen she goes to the opposite end and watches us.  But if we come into the hay barn, she immediately comes up to the front and sticks her nose thru the corral panel.  It's always fun to watch their minds work.

Everybody else are doing good..........well except for that reduction of time out of the pens, thingy.  Really not appreciated by any of them.  They have pushed on the pens until they are all out of shape, they have dug holes, Rosie is eating her shelter, and every time they see one of us outside, the yelling and screaming gets really loud.  John trimmed some trees than were hanging down on the roofs of the shelters and threw the limbs into the pens.  That was great fun for a little while, and then the screaming started up again.  Everybody gets out for a couple of hours every afternoon, except for 5 fatties that only get out every other day for a couple of hours.  And if they don't start looking a little less fluffy, even that might get curtailed.  

This week John had a doctor's appointment in Tucson, he thought he was going to have to run on a treadmill, so he was really thrilled when that particular torture didn't happen.  Anyway we were sitting in the waiting room waiting for him to be called and in walks Baxter Black. Over the years we've ran into him in town, one time we went to a local fund raiser where he was the guest speaker.  He has a 20 section ranch in the Benson area and raises the first love of his life, cattle, as I found out in the doctor's office.  We said hi and the next thing we know he's moved his seat over to where we were.  We talked for awhile and John got called in, so it was just him and me.  Talk about a fun time, he wasn't doing his "schtick" although he does have a great way with words and a quirky sense of humor.  Come to find out his people are from Oklahoma, he's lived in Texas, so we're almost related...........LOL  Found out he doesn't think much of mules and probably even less of burros.  He said he retired from the traveling circuit, although he is still doing his writing and radio show.

March 26, 2009, I had this little blurb on the blog about a chance meeting with Baxter:
One time I was in the express line at Safeway in Benson. You might know I didn't have enough money for what I was buying, which of course messes up the whole reason for having an express line. All of a sudden a hand came up beside me with a dollar bill in it. I turned around to thank the person and it was Baxter Black the cowboy poet & humorist, who has lived in Benson for years. Anyway I thanked him & he said, " not a problem ma'am, just helping life move along".


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm glad she's doing better. Your post made me dig out our old Baxter Black book. He was big on the cowboy poetry scene in Nevada when I lived there.

Tish said...

He's really interesting to talk to and I've always enjoyed his stories. I really like the story about shoeing old Pig Eye.