Friday, August 12, 2016



The clinic called today and said Penny will be ready to come home Sunday.  She still isn't eating very much, although I guess she is enjoying the fresh grass a couple of times a day and they are feeding her alfalfa of some kind.  She won't want to leave all that attention and yummy food to come home to bermuda hay probably.  

Glad she is doing well, I hope she will continue to improve with no more problems.  John has the hay barn ready for her to stay in for a few days, it's softer in there and if it rains she will be out of the weather.  

So we'll feed early, and hit the road, Doug will let the others out in the afternoon.  Right now they are only going out for a couple of hours before time to round up for supper because of the over abundance of mesquite beans this year.  Last year wasn't bad, this year is making up for it.  The "fatties" are fattening up nicely and needless to say we are pretty gun-shy about someone else getting an impaction.  Of course they come out of the pens like a race horse coming out of the starting gate, their heads go down and their lips start vacuuming as fast as they can.  It's almost like they know we're going to control their time and they want to make the most of it.  

Right now Gigi has a swelling around her udder and belly.  We've had others have something like this before, in the summer.  Had the vet out a couple of times and they prescribed an antibiotic, that I keep on hand for emergencies, soooooo she's on her 2nd day and it's going down.  Gigi isn't really thrilled to be messed with.  We have to put her in a redneck squeeze to work with her.  I tried to put the antibiotic in her mush and that didn't work.  I have used powdered jello before to mix with something that doesn't taste very good, so I figured what the heck.  Yesterday morning when I "presented" it for her perusal and she almost swallowed the syringe.  Guess she likes strawberry/banana..........LOL  

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