Friday, August 19, 2016


She seems to have turned a corner.  Yesterday morning her stool was 100% liquid, which is scary.  It doesn't take long for a body to dehydrate under those conditions.  I got in touch with Dr. Karla and since we were going to be in town for John's last radiation treatment.....(YIPPEE...!) she put out some Bismukote paste at Jackpot Equine clinic for us to pick up.  I've never used this before but as of this morning this is what Penny put out.  Not perfect, but looks pretty good compared to yesterday.

She also said to give her Metronidazole which is a really rough antibiotic that kills nasty bacteria and protozoa, which is probably why she had such bad diarrhea.  A few years ago we used Metronidazole for Jenny after her hoof resection.  We found out then that it is so nasty tasting, if you can get it down them, it instantly ruins their appetite.  We found out then, that it can be given rectally, which is the only way to go from my point of view.   Dr. Karla said that was OK........whew...!!

Actually when dealing with Miss Penny, rectal is much easier than mouth.  The Bismukote is by mouth a couple of times a day.  What a battle royal we fight.  She has no problem going in the corral panel squeeze, John put in her stall in the hay barn.  She has no problem with you messing with her body or legs or anything else.  BUT.........her head and especially her mouth are "off limits" and she will fight like a tiger to get that point across, no holds or methods are off limits, as far as she is concerned although she hasn't tried to bite, thank goodness.  We are trying to work around the pipe on the corral panel, hoping not to get a broken arm out of the deal.  Since she's putting out more normal stool, Dr. Karla said we will only have to do it one more time, tonight.  Won't break our hearts that's for sure........LOL

This afternoon John led her out to the pen area for a couple of hours of fresh air.  This is Quilla's old pen and it's been closed up since we moved him to another pen.  Some sprigs of grass have popped up and I thought she might like to eat them.  No problem, John turned her loose and she immediately started eating them.  I'm sure when I go out, there won't be a blade of grass left.  She won't get much food value out of a few sprigs, but it will be more interesting than just standing around up in the hay barn. 

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