Friday, August 05, 2016

THE VET JUST LEFT............AGAIN........!!!

Miss Pennypacker still wasn't eating, although she is bright eyed and didn't seem to be feeling bad.  Offer her animal crackers and she is more than willing to take them.  But that old hay and mush stuff, not so much.  

I called Dr. Karla this morning and she said she had an appointment in Tucson at 3pm, but would be out after that.  She also asked if for some reason she could get out earlier would it be OK.  She knew we would be in Tucson for John's radiation.  Doug was going to be here, so I told her of course.  I also tried to bring her up to speed on Penny's "quirky" disposition, like fear kicking and all that goes with that.  

We came in about 3pm, dropped some stuff off at the neighbor's and when we came out of her driveway, there was a SUV headed out for the main road that looked suspiciously like Dr. Karla's SUV.  Came in and Doug asked, if we saw her........!!!   LOL

I called and left a message on her phone and she called back while I was out checking on my little patient.  

Dr. Karla said she heard sand in her gut and probably beans too.  So Penny got put in the squeeze, got a happy shot and got tubed with Epsom salts.  After all my big buildup on "vicious" donkey, both Doug and Dr. Karla said she was really pretty good.  Doug said she even went in the squeeze without a lot of drama.  Usually John puts her in, but she let Doug work with her this time.  Good thing it wasn't me, she hates me for some reason.  As far as I know I've never done anything to her, she'll take cookies from me, but anything else and it's rodeo time..........!!!  

So we're on "watch" for whatever is in her system to meet up with the Epsom salts, which should get things moving in a hurry, hopefully. 

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