Saturday, July 30, 2016

GOOD NEWS..........!!!

Dr. Lindsey was going to run Quilla's blood test last night, but she called and was running from emergency call to emergency call and said she would get back to us in the morning, since he seemed to be doing pretty good.  I had taken his temperature and it had gone down from 102.2* to 99.5* which is pretty normal.  

This morning John went out to check on him when he got up.  He had pooed, drank a little water and was really happy when John brought him a little bit of hay.  All good signs.

When feeding started we gave him his mush and he wasn't interested.......Hmmmmm.......!!  He's never been a big mush eater, some of them would leap tall buildings in a single bound to get to the mush, but others not.  So that was no big deal.  When the hay came he was ready..........!!!  

Dr. Lindsey had called while we were out feeding and said all his blood showed was a slight elevation of  white blood count, aka, known as probable infection.  But since the bute knocked down his temperature so quickly she doesn't want to give him antibiotics, unless he needs them.  So we'll watch him, take his temperature and see what happens.  

He is so mellow it's hard to tell if he isn't feeling good.  Dr. Lindsey asked yesterday if he's always so laid back or if it was that he didn't feel well.  She even tubed him without sedation, which is unusual.  

Glad my "marshmallow" man is feeling better

Still watching GiGi to make sure she doesn't stop eating, and it would be great to see blue tarp in her poo.  Unfortunately we would have to keep her in her pen for 2-3 days, because she very rarely poos in her pen.  So far, so good, she's eating good and acting normal, another day or so, and we should be out of the window of her having trouble passing the tarp pieces. 

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