Friday, July 01, 2016


The last few days have been overcast, cooler with a few sprinkles.  We haven't really gotten much rain, but we are enjoying the cooler weather.  

Well, except poor Quilla seems to be dealing with a hoof/foot abscess.  He has been ouchy on his left front for a couple of days and this morning he is pretty much 3 legged lame.  Abscesses are terrible and horribly painful for the animal.  It can takes days or longer to work thru the hoof to either come out above the hoof at the coronet, or out the bottom.  The bottom of his foot looks strong and no possible open places, so I assume it's headed for the coronet.

Like most problems with animals, everyone has their way of treating the problem.  I have checked his foot over and see nothing out of the ordinary and no soft spots.  I am of the school of, if you don't know where the problem is, you probably shouldn't try to "fix" it.  Last year Selena had an abscess and it was real easy to find.  I called Tyler, and he came out, opened it, drilled it, put a bandage on it, said leave it on till it falls off, and away he went.  She was fine.  But it's very hard to watch them try to get around, I follow the idea that the more they move around, the quicker the abscess opens, hopefully it won't take too long.

Just went into Benson in the rain and had to drive thru a flooded area about 1/2 mile long on our road.  I don't have a problem driving in the water, BUT.......... I do have a problem with people coming towards me, that think in order to get thru the flooded area you need to drive as fast as you can, throwing a wake that is higher than some of the little cars trying to pick their way thru.  I thought about pulling in front of them and making them stop or hit me head on.  The wake they were making would probably slosh back into their engine compartment and drowned their car and there they would sit.   Lovely thought, but probably not a good idea..........LOL

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